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Tula came to under our care in February of 2016. This sweet horse was left abandoned in a field near our stables in AƱasco, Puerto Rico. After many weeks of neglect she suffered moderate to severe injuries along her back and her legs at which point someone finally rescued her from the field and brought her into the barn. We are unsure if the damage was from another horse, from barbed wire or the hands of humans (there are several stories) but her wounds were festering and filled with maggots. She was severely emaciated and had lost most of the hair on her face and body as well. Her previous owner was notified and had no interest in saving the horse. He agreed to surrender the animal and we decided that we could not simply let her die.

Tula was recovering well when we noticed a decline in her condition beginning in late June. In August she suffered a major setback with a massive nasal hemorrhage after which she spent numerous days at the emergency vet. The vet suspected a tick borne illness and against all odds Tula recovered. She is now gaining weight steadily at pasture and has been able to relax with the herd for several months. She is due to start back up with her under saddle training in early 2018 and we are positive that she has a great future ahead.

Tula is available for adoption. If you would like to learn more please contact us.

If you would like to donate to Tula’s continuing care please click here:
Average care cost per month = $250
Average cost of a bag of grain = $11
Average cost of farrier visit = $40
Average cost of wormer = $15


Sproket is a 6-year-old Paso Fino gelding and the newest addition to our herd. He was rescued after Hurricane Maria when he was found abandoned and close to death from dehydration and malnutrition. In the past four months he has become healthy and happy and we have found him to be a very mellow little guy with a personality that just wants to please and be close to humans who are kind to him.
As Sproket has such a sweet and willing personality he was quickly adopted. However he will be living with the herd in our Isabella location and will begin his training to become an equine assisted therapy horse later this year.