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Sponsoring a rider is one of the most personal ways to support our program. Choose your rider or dedicate funds to the therapeutic riding program and every dollar you donate will help keep these kids in the saddle.

Following Hurricane Maria we decided that we would offer our therapeutic riding classes free of charge for all children as long as we could remain viable. This means we have to rely on private donations to support all the expenses associated with the therapeutic program.

Sponsors will receive bi-monthly updates on their rider, including pictures, video, artwork and more. We will keep you informed on their challenges and you will be able to see their progress through the program.

Sponsorship is available at the following levels:

Monthly Giving ($5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100)
$240 Sponsorship for one rider for 8 weeks
$1,120 Year-Long Rider Sponsorship

Browse our rider profiles below or click the donate button for a general donation.
*If you would like to support a specific rider be sure to note their name in the special notes section when making your donation.

Zafiro, bonding with her best friend, “Spirit”.  Photo credit: Annie Turri


Zafiro is a 5 year old girl who loves horses! We began offering Zafiro therapeutic riding services following the tragedy of Hurricane Maria. Zafiro’s family lost their home and everything in it, and their grandmother lost everything as well. About a month after the storm their beloved grandmother passed away due to stresses from the storm situation. We are focused on language and social development with Zafiro. She is a bubbly, friendly and positive child who responds very well to the horses. She loves her two therapy horses Chevayo and Spirit and her parents say that she talks about them non-stop. For Zafiro, the physical aspect of riding is just important. She benefits greatly from the core strength and muscular challenges that her riding classes give her.



Janissa is 14 years old and has recently started in our program. The social development, self esteem and confidence that riding gives our clients has been integral for Janissa. She is a naturally outgoing girl who is talkative, friendly and open as soon as she trusts you. Working in a supportive and positive environment with other teenagers and adults who can be good role models is important for Janissa’s progress. We are building a program to integrate many aspects of horsemanship and learning to provide a well rounded program in addition to the mounted activities. Janissa is a quick learner and has the potential to go far in her riding.

mice therapy Puerto Rico


Mico is a 6 year old rider who has been with us for about a year and a half. Mico responds greatly to his therapeutic sessions and has a wonderful time in and around the farm. With Mico we focus on the ability to follow directions, impulse control, verbalization, listening, eye contact and social interaction. Mico loves games of any sort and has really bonded with Spirit, his special therapy partner. Mico is friendly, outgoing and loving and really connects with his volunteers. In the past 6 months Mico has begun learning to trot and is working towards riding offline. His riding skills have really blossomed recently!


Rider “A”

Rider A has a deep an innate connection with our horses. She immediately bonded with her therapy partner Chevayo and was over to overcome much of her anxiety about riding. A is working a lot on her socialization and self confidence and riding is giving her a way to feel good about the things she can accomplish. A is 15 years old and eager to absorb lots of horse knowledge. She is a quiet and introspective person naturally and can be timid in new situations. Stepping out of her comfort zone and working with the horses was a big win for her and we are supporting her every step of the way. A has naturally good balance and control of the horse and we are confident she will go far!


Rider “R”

This Rider is 7 years old and absolutely loves the horses so far. We were told he had some fear of animals in the past, but he has shown nothing but enthusiasm and smiles around the horses. He really loves his therapy horse Pancho. “R” has some physical and developments delays that respond very well to equine therapy and we expect to see his core strength, overall muscle tone, dexterity and balance improve drastically. This little guy connects right away with his volunteers and makes everyone around him smile.



Jomel is an outgoing student who is a pleasure to work with. His mellow and friendly attitude make him instant friends with his fellow riders and volunteers. Jomel suffers is 9 years old and suffers from ADD and ADHD. Riding is great for his concentration and the calming effects of the horse carry over into his home life. Jomel has been great at listening and following directions in class and has already been able to ride with just his horse lead after 2 classes.



Diego is a sweet, kind boy of 14 year who has Autism. Diego had some apprehension riding the horses due to some bad experiences earlier in his life, but he pushed through his fear and rode! Each class we work a lot on breathing and relaxation techniques to help him relax and build his confidence. Diego loves the groundwork with the horses and each class he is getting more and more confident. We are so proud of him for taking on this challenge!



Jeremy is 13 years old and full of energy! His first class he wasn’t so sure what to expect but by the end he was asking to run the horses and rope the cows! He is a true cowboy at heart and ready for any challenge. Listening to directions, maintaining concentration and working with his volunteers are all great challenges and goals for Jeremy. He is ready to do anything we ask and loves the interactive games and interesting patterns we can work into class.

Miss Andrea, practicing backwards riding on “Cheveyo”.  Photo credit: Annie Turri


Andrea is a sweet girl of 7 years who has cerebral palsy. Her physical limitations don’t slow her down one bit and she has been loving her riding classes. Andrea was a little shy of the horses at first, but once she warmed up (only one class later!) – she was fearless! The riding benefits for cerebral palsy are numerous, but include physical strength and flexibility. Balance and coordination and muscle control. We work a lot on verbalization and socialization as well, but we really feel that the physicality of working and riding the horses will be where we see the most improvement for Andrea.

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Female, 14, autism
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Male, 6, autism
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Rider J

Male, 4, pending
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Male, 5, autism
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Male, 12, autism
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